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Find all the latest news and developments going on at the club both on-the-water and off-the-water from racing information, member news, committee developments, picture and video galleries to social events. Frensham Pond also has its own very 'local' weather forecasting service so if you want to know the wind speed, whether it’s frozen or if you can pick up a tan …it’s all here

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Frensham Pond SC Open Day 2017

Frensham Pond SC Open Day Saturday 13th May

If you have ever thought about having a go at sailing, but have never actually tried it then why not come to Frensham Pond Sailing Club’s open day.  Come and have a look at the various types of boats that are sailed at the club, have a taster sail and talk to people who can explain how to get started in the sport.  Just bring a towel and a change of clothes in case you get wet.

The open day runs from 10AM until 2PM. Last taster sails start at 1:30PM

Frensham Racers- Please note that the Saturday Handicap will start at 3.00pm to accommodate Open Day activities

2017 RYA Youth Nationals

Dominating the 420 fleet from the outset and securing gold with a day to spare, Alex Smallwood (Datchet Water SC and grandson of the late Richard Smallwood) and Ross Thompson (Frensham Pond SC) were the runaway winners. For Smallwood, this is a second Youth Nationals title: "It feels really good to win the Youth Nationals again, it's been a pretty challenging week and we've worked really hard for it." Thompson continued: "I really enjoyed the mix of conditions and the one really windy day, which was good fun. It's made for really good competition."

Click RYA Youth Nationals Results to get to the RYA website. Then page down to 420 results

Hensley Superprix 2017 Results


Many thanks to Nigel Bayley, Andy Bradford, Katrina Gilbert and race team for collating these results

Frensham Pond Sailing Club
Hemsley SuperPrix Results 26th March 2017
Boats Qualifying Class Sail Number Position Fast Fleet Med Fleet Slow Fleet
Qual 100_84 259 First 12    
Qual Laser 209411 Second 15    
Qual Lark 2530 Third 26    
Qual Laser 133480   31    
Qual Laser 193251   37    
Qual Laser 172842   40    
Qual Las47 47 First   14  
Qual LasRad 180637 Second   16  
Qual LasRad NoNum Third   20  
Qual Solo 4581     34  
Qual TeraSP 1880 First     7
Qual TeraPR 2391 Second     13
Qual Libty 2524 Third     22
Qual Libty 2561       24

Lark and Phantom Open Meeting

Notice of Race
Frensham Pond SC - Lark and Phantom Open Meeting
Sunday 23rd April, 2017
Phantoms - Optimum Time Southern Travellers Series
Larks - One of the Traveller Series
Rules: The Open Meeting will be governed by the Rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the RYA, the Class Associations and by the Sailing Instructions.
Entries: The meeting is open to all Phantom and Lark dinghies on satisfactory completion of the Entry form.
Registration: Registration will take place at FPSC on the morning of the event.
Briefing: On the day at about 1015 am
First Race: Phantom Prep: 1055
First Race: Phantom First Start and Lark prep: 1100
First Race: Lark First Start: 1105
Schedule of races: 4 races – 2 back to back in the morning, lunch, then 2 back to back in the afternoon. Three races to count in final result.
Entry fee: Phantoms £10; Larks £15.
Bacon butties and coffee served from 0915, lunch available.
Frensham free tea.
Plenty of parking, easy launching off jetties i.e. No wet feet!
Sailing Instructions available on the day.
Further information: Phantoms – Jeremy Hudson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile 07979 037215
Larks - Chris Ellis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile 07917 365457
Hope to see you all there.
Mobile 07917 365457

2017 FPSC Cadet Open Report

The first run

Fun and games at the first leeward mark- race 1

Megan Fergusson and Ton- Stratton Brown winning race 4 and the Open meeting


Frensham Pond at its finest…… Cadet Open 25 March 2017

A steady 20 knot north easterly wind greeted the 26 boats at the Frensham Pond Sailing Club Cadet Open on 25 March 2017.  After a winter season characterised by windless and icy Saturdays this was a welcomed change for the home fleet and 7 visitors. 

To encourage those newer helms, a Bronze fleet was in operation with separate starts removing some of the “big fleet angst”. Whilst the conditions were far from “novice” 9 intrepid Bronze boats entered.

The Race Officer, Keith Videlo set up the course with two races back to back before lunch and the same afterwards. Unusually for Frensham, the same course was set for all races- the prevailing wind strength and direction being sufficiently strong to eradicate the famously shifty conditions on the Pond.

Race 1 started cleanly but a couple of boats (Katie Yelland with Sheri Lynch and Charlotte Videlo with Tom Shepherd) thought they were OCS and returned to the line, capsizing in the process. 

Meanwhile at the front of the fleet there was a tussle at the first windward between Finbarr Wormwell with George Little (8847) and Rebecca Videlo with Yasmin Sfaxi (9992) with Megan Ferguson & Tom Stratton-Brown (10002) a couple of boat lengths behind. Finbar & Rebecca rounded the mark together with Finbarr on the inside track then taking the lower route on the run down the Pond. A storming run down the Pond was an impressive sight with these three boats being chased hard by Bea Harris & Sam Goult (9985) and Jess Williams with Jemima Hill (9673).

Megan rounded the bottom mark first and chaos broke out behind her. A gust hit the chasing pack causing Jess to capsize narrowly missing both Rebecca & Finbarr who in taking avoiding action allowed Bea to nip round the mark and into second place.

The spills & fury continued with some impressive sailing from all.  Keeping the boat flat and under control was the key to success today.  Good tactical choices on the beats enabled Amy & Ben Goult (9510) and Rosie Targett & Sophia Sfaxi (8420) to make progress through the fleet to finish in second and third as Megan sailed away to win by  half a leg.

Your author missed most of race two as administering hot chocolate to those who had retired. There were two boats OCS (Bea and Phoebe Bradshaw). However, Finbarr thought he too was also over the line and made a return, only to capsize downwind.

At the first windward, Megan led from Rebecca, Amy, Rosie and Bea. The chasing pack jostled for position throughout but never threatened Megan who pulled away for her second win.  Second place was hard fought on the final reach between Amy and Rosie.  They were neck & neck with 20m to the finish line but Rosie capsized in a dramatic finale to the race. Third was Finbarr having sailed superbly to pull back through the fleet. Rosie crossed the line upside down to an adventurous fourth

Lunch was a welcome break for all especially as the wind peaked at 36 knots while all were safely in the clubhouse- although a couple of boats did blow off their trollies during the break.

Race 3 was a clean start with Finbar first to the windward mark chased by Amy and Bea. Megan continuing her strategy of sailing low on the runs, made up several places to pull into second at the leeward mark.  Finbarr hit the leeward mark allowing Megan to take the lead chased by Bea. A rare Megan  capsize on the second beat left the door open for Bea who took to lead and won the race.  Megan second, then Amy and Rosie.

With reducing numbers in both fleets, competitors gathered their energy for the final race. Rebeca was first to the windward but again lost out to Megan’s superior low downwind sailing.

Megan sailed away from the chasing pack of Amy, Bea and Rosie to record her third bullet of the meeting, and secure the title of FPSC Cadet Open winner. 
Surprisingly this is an honour that has eluded her over the years, never having finished higher than fifth.

Meanwhile the Bronze fleet had been exploring all areas of the Pond, with multiple capsizes and even a Dad doing a spot of helming. The first Bronze race was won by Alana Corbett with Fergus Law- being the only one in the fleet to finish.  Race two was equally as vicious with two finishers and Heather Brown with Ella Turnbull prevailing. After lunch whilst only two boats completed the racing (Heather and Ella plus Fran Neil and Emelia Hampton) special mention must go to Arthur Bird and Noah Williams in Purple Haze.  They kept at the task in hand despite numerous capsizes and ventures into the reeds.

Thanks go to all the parents who helped out on and off the water and made the event such a success.

Please note, to aid the reporting, the boats in this report have been referred to by the helm’s name. However, Cadets cannot be sailed solo and all the crews need the same credit as is afforded their helms….it’s a team sport.  Thank you crews!

Steph Videlo

Cadet Class Captain FPSC

FB: Frenshamcadets

Summary results below

Full results to follow on FPSC website




Summary Results



Boat no




Megan Fergusson

Tom Stratton-Brown





Amy Goult

Ben Goult





Bea Harris

Sam Goult


Bristol Corinthian/FPSC



Rosie Targett

Sophia Sfaxi





Emily Speirs

Rosie Voyantzis





Rebecca Videlo

Yasmin Sfaxi





Finbarr Wormwell

George Little





Max Buswell

William Farrant


South Cerney



Katie Yelland

Sheri Lynch





Ellie Watling

Jess Watling