Sailability Boats

These are the boats sailed at Frensham Pond Sailability

Hansa Dinghy 303


The 303W is the ideal boat for a very first sail as novice sailors
can be 
accompanied by an experienced sailor. Sailors can start
in the crewing role 
and then be trained in the use of each
element of control i.e. jib only, 
mainsail only, helm only and
combinations until he / she is controlling the 
whole boat. They
can also be trained in the basics of racing strategies and 


Hansa Dinghy 2.3

This is the ideal choice for a first introduction to solo sailing. 
It is safe, simple and forgiving. With its one sail and joystick
controls even a person with no sailing experience can be sailing
confidently in under one hour. It is also the ideal boat to move
into for solo sailing after being accompanied in the two seater
Hansa 303.


2.4mR mini-keelboats

These keelboats are used for competitive racing. 
The 2.4mR is the Paralympic single-handed class boat

Laser Stratos

Ideal for small, supported groups to go cruising on the pond and for introducing new members to sailing.


The Hansa Dinghy classes were designed in Australia in the 1990s and initially named "Access" classes. They are particularly suitable for disabled sailors and proved an instant success. They have been adopted by Frensham Pond Sailability which now has 22 Hansa dinghies, both two-person and single-person versions.

The two-person 303 dinghies are perfect for introducing newcomers with a disability to sailing and, after a few hours, most can progress to sailing independently in the very simple 2.3 single sail boat. For the sailor with less mobility, there are boats with electrically powered controls to the tiller and the sheets via a joystick.

Those with a competitive streak can take part in racing which is organised both at Frensham Pond, mostly on Thursday afternoons, and around the UK during the summer season. There is also a 3-day National Championship every year, and Frensham sailors have won the Championship in both the 2.3 and 303 classes in recent years.

There is more information on the Hansa class (UK) website: