Race sheets

The race record sheet to record race results can be downloaded from here

Please print a copy to use when you are on race duty.

2016 MYG Standard Sailing instructions

Not applicable to Open Meetings


1.1.    Racing will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013-2016 including Appendix E and these MYA Standard Sailing Instructions.

1.2.    These Instructions will apply to all boats sailing on the Pond, whether racing or not, while racing is taking place. Boats not racing must keep clear of boats racing.

1.3.    Nomenclature

In these Sailing Instructions, references to the ISAF Rules will use the word Rule(s) or RRS. References to these Sailing Instructions will use the word Instruction(s) or SSI.



2.1.     A boat scheduled to race in a heat may be launched, held in the launching area, taken ashore or re-launched at any time during the heat.

However, she shall not be released for the first time during a heat after the start

Boats shall be launched or recovered only from within a launching area.

2.2.    While ashore or within a launching area, boats may be adjusted, drained of water or repaired; have their sails/rigs changed; have entangled objects removed; or have equipment repaired or changed.

2.3.    SSI 2 changes RRS E4.5



3.1.    Except as in SSI 3.2, the Time Out Limit for racing after the first boat finishes shall be 5 minutes.

3.2.    At the expiry of the Time Out Limit:

(a) if 4 or fewer boats are still racing on the water they shall be recorded according to SSI 3.3,    (b) if more than 4 boats are still racing on the water Time Out Limit shall be extended until only 4 boats remain racing on the water, at which point they shall be recorded according to SSI 3.3.    

3.3.    Boats failing to finish within the Time Out Limit shall be recorded as DNF, OCS, DNS or DNC in that order, as appropriate. DNF boats still racing on the water at the end of the Time Out Limit will be recorded with finishing places according to their order on the water. These boats will be scored according to their finishing places.

3.4.    SSI 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4 change RRS 35, A3 and A5.



4.1.    Racing will start as soon as possible after 10:30 or 13:15 unless competitors are briefed of alternative arrangements.

4.2.    No Series race shall start after 3pm.

4.3.    Except for breaks announced by the Race Officer, the starting sequence for the next heat shall commence as soon as practicable after all previous heats have been concluded.

4.4.    If boats are still racing at the time limits above, SSI 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will apply.



5.1.    The race committee may use MYA SYRPH, a System for Reducing Protest Hearings. This will apply after the heat and before the related protest hearing that may result from this procedure.

5.2.    The protest committee will consist of three persons, which may include competitors, competent persons. If a party to a hearing objects to a competitor being a member of a protest committee, because he is an interested party, he may object under RRS 63.4.



6.1.    For any one day of a Points Series event the RRS A4 Low Point system, but with RRS A4.2 replaced by:

Boats recorded as DNF, RET, OCS, DNS, DNC, BFD, DSQ, DNE or DGM shall score one more point than the last boat in the race would have scored if all boats competing in the race had finished correctly, with the exception of boats given DNF but awarded a place under SSI 3.3.

6.2.    Breaking of ties in a single heat event, other than at the finishing line when RRS A7 will apply.

6.3.    When a tie between two or more boats is to be broken, it shall be decided in favour of the boat with the most first places, and when the tie remains, the most second places and so on.

6.4.    When the tie still remains it shall be decided in favour of the boat with the best score in the last race in which there is no tie and, should the tie still remain, by the toss of a coin or the drawing of lots. This changes RRS A8.

6.5.    For any one day of a Points Series a yacht shall discard the result of 1 race if 4 races have been sailed, 2 races if 6 races have been sailed and 3 races if 8 races have been sailed.



7.1.    The following races will be held if two or more boats present themselves in the vicinity of the starting line before the starting signal.

7.1.1. Points Series

7.1.2. A maximum of 8 races shall be counted on a day for each of the classes, normally 4 before a lunch break and 4 after lunch.

7.1.3. Normally each session of racing shall commence with a practice race, the results of which shall not count towards the Points Series.  The Race Officer may alter this at his discretion.



8.1.    Points Series Races

8.1.1. Boats over one metre long shall have their own Points Series.

8.1.2. Boats under one metre long shall have their own Points Series.

8.2.    Other races and Series

8.2.1. Other races and Series may be held as organised by the associated Class Captains.



9.1.    Boats may only score points in a series if they are sailed by members. If a member sails more than one boat in a series then they shall be scored separately for each boat sailed, the exception being if a member has replaced a boat or they have damaged a boat, in which case they must obtain permission from the MYG Chairman.

9.2.    Visitors may race after being signed in by a bona fide member, but their results will not be counted except during designated events, e.g. open meetings.


10.1. A recovery craft shall be available while organised racing is taking part.

10.2. Participants are responsible for their own safety and that of fellow members and visitors.



11.1. Courses will be displayed on the Club courseboard before each race. The sequence and direction of rounding of buoys together with the prescribed starting and finishing lines will be shown.

11.2. The Race Officer will announce any course change.



12.1. The Sailing Secretary reserves the right to organise another race for any race or series of races which have had to be abandoned. Otherwise an abandoned race or series of races will be considered to have been cancelled.



13.1. Competitors wishing to use sail numbers other than their own registered number must obtain the permission of the Race Officer before commencement of their starting sequence. Rule 77 shall not be held to prevent the Race Officer giving permission.



14.1. Definition

14.2. The starting line shall normally be between the poles on the inner and outer start buoys.

14.3. Alternatives

14.4. The Race Officer may choose to dispense with the inner start buoy, and substitute a shore based pole instead.



15.1. The starting machine will provide a verbal countdown sequence to the start.   Flags will not be used.

15.2. Racing rules shall apply from the start of the countdown sequence.

15.3. Race intervals

15.3.1.      The intervals between successive starts of a set of races will be at the discretion of the Race Officer.

15.4. Premature starters

15.4.1.      If a boat is over the line (but not its extensions) at the start the Race Officer shall announce the boat verbally.

15.5. General Recall

15.6. For a general recall shall be announced by the Race Officer.



16.1. Helms are required to advise the Race Officer of their intention to race before they start racing on the day.



17.1.     The Points Series shall be assessed on the overall position of each boat after each days sailing (after any discards have been taken into account, see SSI 6.6).

17.1.1.  The worst 3 results of an 8 day Series or races on any day shall be discounted.

17.1.2.  The worst 2 results of an 6 or 7 day Series or races on any day shall be discounted.

17.1.3.  The worst result of a 4 or 5 day Series or races on any day shall be discounted.

17.1.4.  Otherwise all results shall be counted. 

17.2.    The Low Point scoring system, Rule A2, will apply, and the modification of Rule A5 will also apply.

17.3.    Race Officer Redress

17.3.1. If acting as RO for the whole day a score will be applied for that day based on the average of all the other days he actually raced during the series after applying discards.

17.3.2. If acting as RO for part of a day, a score for each race ‘missed’ will be applied based on the average of the points for other races entered that day after applying discards.


Check list for Race Officers

Race Officer Duties Check Sheet

Please aim to arrive at the pond by 09.30

Before Racing

Collect the   starter box from Roger Carter


Open the MYG shed


Transfer the two   trolleys to the middle of the grass frontage


Transfer the   barrows containing the buoys to the jetty to the right of the grass frontage.  Do not leave the barrow on the jetty.


Choose a course layout appropriate for the wind strength and   direction[R1]  that minimises conflicts, and mark it out   clearly on the white board.

Do not place the   buoys too far out!


Collect the keys   to the RIB garage from the duty officer (who should arrive by 10.00) and open   the garage. Once the RIB is out of the garage lock the garage and return the   keys to the duty officer


Launch the RIB,   collect the buoys and lay out the course

Use the 2 way   radios with someone on the bank to check the buoy placing as per the selected   course


Secure the RIB to   the jetty.


Remind all   skippers who intend to race it is their responsibility to register their sail   numbers (ensure numbers are entered in the correct column – one metre &   under  or above one metre)



Ensure all   skippers understand the course


Set the Start box   with 1 minute count down for the first fleet (usually the big boats),   reminding other skippers to keep clear. Clearly call out any boats over the   line at the start.


Allow sufficient   gap then set start box for one minute count down for the second fleet.   Clearly call any boats over the line at the start.


Observe racing as   far as possible for any contact between boats, and announce the contact.  Note the skippers should take   responsibility to police themselves.


Record boats in   the order in which they finish.


Decide how many   races to be run as the day progresses (the minimum number of races per day in   a Series will have been determined / agreed previously)


For Series   racing, start with a practice race.    Run four Series races in the morning, and four in the afternoon.  Run other races as requested by the   sailors.


After Racing

Take the RIB to collect   all buoys and return them to the jetty.


Return the RIB to   the garage – remember to lock the garage afterwards


Return the buoys   and trolleys to the MYG shed and lock up


Return the   starter box to Roger Carter


Pass the   completed score sheet to John Haine or Nick Royse (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


 Instructions for race officers can be downloaded from here

Model Yacht Group Calendar 2018

Please note that duties will change during the year as people swap their duties. Check with Dutyman for the latest information. 

Calendar for 2018

      Morning duty   Afternoon duty   Duty officer
03/04/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Andy Andrews Nigel Brock   Andy Andrews Nigel Brock   Roger Carter
10/04/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 3 Richard Baldey Peter Broom   Richard Baldey Peter Broom   John Haine
11/04/2018 Wednesday Videlo Globe Open Meeting           Nick Royse
17/04/2018 Tuesday Informal Paul Brooks Clive Cooper   Paul Brooks Clive Cooper   Roger Carter
24/04/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 4 Roger Carter Richard Crew   Roger Carter Richard Crew   John Haine
25/04/2018 Wednesday 10R Open Meeting             Nick Royse
01/05/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing   John Davies     John Davies   Roger Carter
08/05/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 5 Rodney Evans Lionel East   Rodney Evans Lionel East   John Haine
15/05/2018 Tuesday Spring Rd 6 John Haine Graham Hetem   John Haine Graham Hetem   Nick Royse
22/05/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Steve Hill David Lewis   Steve Hill David Lewis   Roger Carter
29/05/2018 Tuesday RYA Course no MYG              
05/06/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 1 Jon Maslin Peter Martin   Jon Maslin Peter Martin   John Haine
12/06/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 2 Peter Mitchell Keith Mayson   Peter Mitchell Keith Mayson   Nick Royse
19/06/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Keith Parrott Jim Phillips   Keith Parrott Jim Phillips   Roger Carter
26/06/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 3 Chris Pearce Keith Railton   Chris Pearce Keith Railton   John Haine
03/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 4 Roger Pearce Tony Schlaeppi   Roger Pearce Tony Schlaeppi   Nick Royse
10/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Picnic Peter Renn Charles Smith   Peter Renn Charles Smith   Roger Carter
17/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 5 Christopher Robb Bryan Stichbury   Christopher Robb Bryan Stichbury   John Haine
24/07/2018 Tuesday Summer Rd 6 Nick Royse     Nick Royse     Nick Royse
31/07/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Peter Wallis Frank Wood   Peter Wallis Frank Wood   Roger Carter
07/08/2018 Tuesday RYA Course no MYG              
14/08/2018 Tuesday RYA Course no MYG              
21/08/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing David Webb Nigel Brock   David Webb Nigel Brock   John Haine
28/08/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Graham Whitehead Peter Broom   Graham Whitehead Peter Broom   Nick Royse
04/09/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 1 Mike Christie Clive Cooper   Mike Christie Clive Cooper   Roger Carter
11/09/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 2 Graham Coley Richard Crew   Graham Coley Richard Crew   John Haine
12/09/2018 Wednesday Nick's Knots IOM Open Meeting           Nick Royse
16/09/2018 Sunday Footy National Championships           Nick Royse
18/09/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing John Sturgeon John Davies   John Sturgeon John Davies   Roger Carter
25/09/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 3 Barry White Lionel East   Barry White Lionel East   John Haine
02/10/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 4 Andy Andrews Graham Hetem   Andy Andrews Graham Hetem   Nick Royse
09/10/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Richard Baldey David Lewis   Richard Baldey David Lewis   Roger Carter
16/10/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 5 Paul Brooks Peter Martin   Paul Brooks Peter Martin   John Haine
23/10/2018 Tuesday Autumn Rd 6 Roger Carter Keith Mayson   Roger Carter Keith Mayson   Nick Royse
30/10/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing   Jim Phillips     Jim Phillips   Roger Carter
06/11/2018 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 1 Rodney Evans Keith Railton   Rodney Evans Keith Railton   John Haine
13/11/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing John Haine Tony Schlaeppi   John Haine Tony Schlaeppi   Nick Royse
20/11/2018 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 2 Steve Hill Charles Smith   Steve Hill Charles Smith   Roger Carter
27/11/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Jon Maslin Bryan Stichbury   Jon Maslin Bryan Stichbury   John Haine
04/12/2018 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 3 Peter Mitchell     Peter Mitchell     Nick Royse
11/12/2018 Tuesday MYG Christmas Lunch            
18/12/2018 Tuesday Informal Sailing Keith Parrott Frank Wood   Keith Parrott Frank Wood   Roger Carter
01/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Chris Pearce Nigel Brock   Chris Pearce Nigel Brock   John Haine
08/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Roger Pearce Peter Broom   Roger Pearce Peter Broom   Nick Royse
15/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Peter Renn Clive Cooper   Peter Renn Clive Cooper   Roger Carter
22/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Christopher Robb Richard Crew   Christopher Robb Richard Crew   John Haine
29/01/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Nick Royse John Davies   Nick Royse John Davies   Nick Royse
05/02/2019 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 4 Peter Wallis Lionel East   Peter Wallis Lionel East   Roger Carter
12/02/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing David Webb Graham Hetem   David Webb Graham Hetem   John Haine
19/02/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing Graham Whitehead David Lewis   Graham Whitehead David Lewis   Nick Royse
26/02/2019 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 5 Mike Christie Peter Martin   Mike Christie Peter Martin   Roger Carter
05/03/2019 Tuesday Frostbite Rd 6 Graham Coley Keith Mayson   Graham Coley Keith Mayson   John Haine
12/03/2019 Tuesday Informal Sailing John Sturgeon Jim Phillips   John Sturgeon Jim Phillips   Nick Royse
19/03/2019 Tuesday Spring Rd 1 Barry White Keith Railton   Barry White Keith Railton   Roger Carter
26/03/2019 Tuesday Spring Rd 2 Andy Andrews Tony Schlaeppi   Andy Andrews Tony Schlaeppi   John Haine

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