Laser Youth Group

Laser 4.7The Frensham Laser youth Group (Laser 4.7 and Radials) is to replace the Nearly5 Group previously run by Ian Cherrill. The group will cater for a range of abilities from beginners to experts and from those who just enjoy sailing to those who want to race. The Laser Youth Group will be run by Rob Anstey.

The Group will meet on Saturdays and will consist of on-shore training followed by on-the-water training/sailing. This will finish in time for sailors to get some lunch before taking part in the Saturday afternoon club handicap.

At the time of writing times and dates have not been fixed.  So keep your eye on the front page of the website and this page for further details.

A bit about the boats...

Laser 4.7 - the Lasers are all the samLaser Radiale boat really! The 4.7 bit refers to the size of the sail (4.7 square metres). The Laser 4.7 has a smaller sail and shorter bottom mast section than the other types of Lasers, but everything else is the same. The Laser 4.7 is suitable for sailors over the age of 12 but can be sailed by people of any age and there are some adult 4.7 sailors in the group, though it is fair to say most 4.7s are sailed by teenagers.

Laser Radial - this is the Laser with the next size sail up from the 4.7 (it is actually a 5.7m sail). In the Olympics it is the Ladies Singlehanded Dinghy, but elsewhere it is often sailed by teenagers and adults alike, nationally and internationally. Most of the Radial sailors in the Group are older teenagers or adults.