Laser Youth Group News

The Club is aiming to re-establish youth race coaching in Lasers and I should like to hear from anyone who is interested in joining the new Laser Youth Group. And, of course, their parents because I'm going to be looking for some help !

Ideally I'd like to encourage people to use 4.7 rigs as everyone gets more out of the coaching if all the boats go at the same speed. But if Radial or Standard is what you have then please don't let that put you off - all are welcome so do come and join in anyway.

We will meet on Saturdays rigged and ready at 12.00 so we can run a briefing and get on the water as soon as a safety boat is available. Then have a break and back on the water for the Laser 4.7 race starting at 14.45 (yes, it is still in the racing programme and there are trophies to be won!). No problem if we have bigger rigs too - we'll just use PYs and run it as a Laser Youth Handicap race.

The monthly Laser training sessions that Ian Gregory has been running this year will continue on Saturdays as shown in the Club Handbook. These are for ALL ages (adult & youth) and ALL Laser rigs. Ian is at the Club from 11am to advise on rigging. The Laser Youth Group will be joining in so it gets the full benefit of Ian's extensive experience of racing Lasers and winning championships !

We are going to make a start with the Laser Youth Group on Saturday 9th December, which happens to be Ian's next session.

An idea of numbers would be really helpful so please get in touch (even if you can't make the 9th). You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Rob Anstey